This is Japan? Unexpected sightseeing spot


Yokohama Yamate Western House

Since the opening of the port in 1800, Yokohama has become a residence for foreigners, and the streets here are dotted with various Western-style retro buildings. And many buildings have been preserved as witnesses of history and open to visit for free.

Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture·Hachado Cave

This is an underground river and cave that extends to Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture. It is located next to the local scenic spot [Jodohama]. The depth of the cave is 8 meters. It is entered from the sea by a boat. The sea water is reflected by light, presenting a shining and clean natural landscape.

Sado City, Niigata Prefecture · Dragon King Cave

Dragon King Cave is the largest of the Kotopo caves at the southernmost point of Sado. You can enter by kayaks, motorboats, boats, etc., or walk in by land. It has a sense of adventure, and there are 11 such caves in the Ogi Peninsula.

Nishimamura, Tokyo, Hafushiura Coast

Xindao has 7 kilometers of white sandy beaches, which is a paradise for surfers all over the world. The gate of the beach is like Sicily, and the white buildings are refreshing to see under the blue sky.

Tokyo Shinshima Village·Yunohama Open-air Hot Spring

The open-air hot spring in Niijima Village is modeled after an ancient Greek temple, where you can take a bath while looking out at the Pacific Ocean and Shikine Island not far away. And the hot springs here are free~24 hours a day, all year round, you can jump in and enjoy and take pictures in a swimsuit.

Onjuku Town, Chiba Prefecture Moon Desert Memorial Park

This is the prototype site of the famous Japanese nursery rhyme “The Desert of the Moon”. It is called Onjuku Coast. The statues of the prince and princess in the marine park are said to be very famous and can be photographed as if they are in the Sahara desert. Every spring and summer, many families and units will hold an open-air barbecue line up here, and the coast itself is also a sacred place for swimming in summer.


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