Traveling in Seoul, South Korea, reading books has become an experience project


Speaking of tourism, we may always think that it is to go to the scenic spots of a certain place, so do you want to go to the local bookstore? Of course, it is not to let you stay here for a day, but to check in at the bookstore, mainly because some bookstores really It’s so beautiful, well, I’m going to talk about libraries in Korea today.

The biggest highlight is that there are three 13-meter-high bookshelves in the library. These bookshelves contain a total of more than 50,000 books, which are basically Korean books, but there are also some foreign magazines.

It is said that Koreans like to read, even local elderly people often hold a book for a day. I can’t see people on the streets of Korea because everyone has gathered in this library to read. There are really a lot of people inside, but the reading environment is still good. There are many stools and tables, which are free for everyone to use. .

Day and night are different. You should look inside the library during the day and look outside at night. It is still very beautiful, with a feeling of starry sky.This library is sometimes an important local art exchange center. In normal times, some music performances are held here, and many piano masters gather here to perform and share. Sometimes you can also see some masters in the clothing industry held here. fashion show.


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