Government canteen in Tokyo


Unexpectedly, the canteen of the Tokyo government in Japan was opened to the outside world.

The Tokyo government office is located in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. It is composed of two high-rise buildings in Shinjuku. It is well-known in Tokyo and even Japan. The Tokyo government canteen is located in this building.

The metropolitan hall can be entered at will, whether it is a Japanese or a foreigner. There is a special lookout layer on the top floor for tourists to climb high and look into the distance.


In fact, all major government offices in Tokyo, Japan, are located in this building.


As soon as you enter the canteen, you can see the display stand with samples and prices of meals. The Tokyo government canteen is open to everyone, whether you are a civil servant or not, whether you are a Japanese or a foreigner.

A plate of stir-fried vegetables, a side dish, a bowl of miso soup, a bowl of rice: a typical Japanese set meal.

Choose the package, remember the number, and go to the vending machine, put the money in, press the corresponding button, a small ticket will come out, press another button, and get the change back.


Take the small ticket, go to the corresponding window, take the plate and tableware, and hand the small ticket to the staff inside, and the food will be ready immediately.

Water and tea are provided for free, just go to the water dispenser to do it yourself. In addition, various seasonings and sauces are also placed on the table.

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