Asia’s largest city Tokyo


What do the streets of Tokyo, Japan look like? Let’s take a look, the picture below shows Tokyo in the sunset!
It is worth mentioning that second-hand goods can be found everywhere in the streets of Japan, because Japanese people have a soft spot for second-hand goods. If you have been to Japan, you must know that there are many second-hand trading markets in Japan, and the markets are divided. , Sell books, furniture, electrical appliances, cars, etc. separately!
A snack bar on the streets of Japan is probably a sushi restaurant. Japanese people like sushi very much. In addition, there are various sashimi such as Kobe beef, Hokkaido prawns, whales, tuna, etc., which are dipped in wasabi and other dipping sauces, but they are not to our taste!
In addition, Tokyo in Japan and Seoul in South Korea have a common feature, that is, there are many densely packed cables, especially in some old residential areas in the 1950s and 1960s, because of the large amount of construction projects, it is difficult to return. According to statistics: the rate of no poles in the main city of Tokyo is only 41%! It can be said that many urban areas are very chaotic.
The commercial streets around Japanese elementary schools mainly sell some school supplies and toys that students like, and the prices are very cheap, which is very suitable for the consumption level of students!
Tokyo is a city built on the seaside, and most travel by tram, so many office workers enjoy the sea view to work. Although it is beautiful, according to international big data statistics, the pressure of young people in Japan is among the best in the world!
As a weather vane of fashion culture, Tokyo has many large shopping malls, most of which are women’s products, including clothing, cosmetics, beauty and other shops. They are loved by women from all over the world. Especially in recent years, many young Chinese women have visited Purchase in Tokyo!
On the streets of Tokyo, even in winter, you often see female students in very fashionable dresses and short skirts, leading the fashion trends of the entire city, even the entire country, and Asia! Of course, there are also girls wearing kimonos. It can be said that there is a modern fashion atmosphere, as well as the traditional culture of ancient Japan!

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