The colorful Upper Antelope Canyon


Upper Antelope Canyon is one of the world’s famous slot canyons, and it is also a very well-known photography attraction. This is the territory of the Navajo Indians.

There are more than 20 modified agricultural vehicles with scaffolds parked in the sand slopes. Tourists gather in twos and threes to chat, and there are tourists waiting in a scaffold not far away.

After driving for ten minutes to the Antelope Valley, there is a red sandstone mountain beam in front of you. At the corner of the mountain beam, there is a natural crack from top to bottom. That is the entrance to the famous Upper Antelope Valley.

There is nothing peculiar about the appearance of Antelope Valley, but there is a unique world in the cave. After thousands of years of torrential floods and hurricane erosion, the sandstone walls in the cave have been sorted out by nature with all kinds of wonderful curves.

When sunlight is projected into the cave through the gap at the end of the valley, the dark red sandstone will show a variety of colors such as golden red, crimson, purple, light blue, etc., which looks transparent and has a gorgeous color and grace. The curve is really amazing!

The cave is rendered colorful and full of life through natural light, and I sincerely sigh the magical greatness of the Creator!

The space in the antelope cave is sometimes wide and sometimes narrow, and the narrow place can only allow one person to pass.

The blurry and fantasy changes in the canyon will expand your imagination from time to time, making you hesitate to move forward. Touching the rock mass with your hand feels like you are touching pieces of art.

The fine sand under our feet is constantly reminding us of the creativity of nature and the ruthlessness of the years!


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