zion national park


Go south along Highway 89, turn right at Ord erville into Highway 9, go west all the way to Zion National Park. When you come to Zion National Park, you must not miss the two canyons in the park. They are the Kolob Canyon in the north and Zion Mountain Canyon in the south.

There is a conical monolithic rocky mountain standing beside the highway, majestic and solid, with a grayish-white surface with light orange red stripes. What is amazing is that the cone mountain is covered with square lines that cross horizontally and vertically, like a Go chessboard, this is the famous checkerboard Mesa.

A square flat-topped mountain is juxtaposed on both sides of Qipan Mountain at equal intervals. Its body is also thick and strong, and its surface color is the same as that of Qipan Mountain. The difference is that green plants have grown on the stone walls of the mountain. Such a stone mountain, such a layout is really rare in the world.

Zion National Park is the most popular tourist resort in Utah. Highway 9 runs through the east and west ends of the park. On both sides of the road are high mountains and forests. To the east of the Carmel Tunnel is the Zion Canyon, so the highway is often called the Zion-Carmel Mountain Scenic Avenue. Go west along the road and you will see the famous Great White Throne.

Walking on the Zion-Carmel Mountain Scenic Avenue is like walking in a fairy tale world, but you see the strange changes in the mountains along the way, the colorful colors are overflowing, the green pine is full of green, withered willows standing on the banks of the rocky stream, and clear springs hanging Leaning among the boulders. This is really a temple created by the heavens. All the cars stopped several times to admire the picturesque scenery. All tourists understood why the Mormon pioneers named it Zion, the place where Jehovah lives in the holy scriptures. Ground.


The Carmel Tunnel, which was built in 1930, was the demarcation point of Scenic Avenue. There was no lighting in the tunnel, and the double-vehicle passage seemed a little narrow. When a large vehicle encountered, the traffic police would control it as a single line.

After passing through the tunnel, the landform of the western section changed significantly, and both sides of the road became steep and tall mountains, which belonged to the Kolob Canyon.


At the foot of Dongmiao Peak, we finally saw the Kolob Arch in the Kolob Canyon. The Kolob Arch stands on a high rock with a span of nearly 90 meters. It is the second largest natural stone arch in the world.

The wall has an external natural mineral water, which is drawn from the mountain. After artificial processing, it tastes very sweet to drink. Sitting there, looking at the beautiful mountains and rivers, he did not want to get up and leave for a while.



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