Take a dip in the Lake Powell Canyon


The Lake Powell cruise is one of the three major tourist attractions in Page. In the morning, we came to the Antelope Point Marina Visitor Center. Antelope Point Marina is located on the Antelope River (Antelope Creek) and requires a very large slope to reach it.

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in the United States. It is formed by the confluence of the Escalante River, the San Juan River and the Colorado River.

Since the completion of the dam across the Grand Canyon in 1966, the water level has risen, and the former canyon has become a criss-crossing curved river.

Instead of sailing to the vast lake, we took the cruise ship, but followed the path of the creek into the deep canyons of the past. Although it was a little unexpected, the trip that we thought was boring and boring immediately became extremely vivid.

This is a colorful and spectacular world, with huge sandstone and sedimentary shale on both sides of the Antelope Creek channel, showing layered sections of different colors such as pink-white, red and maroon.

The cruise ship moves forward in twists and turns, and the rocky landforms along the way are strange and varied. The clear river water seemed unfathomable, like a bright mirror, reflecting the deep canyons continuously.

Due to the peculiar topography of the Lake Powell Canyon, especially the colorful rocks on the shore, a very magnificent lake scenery is formed.

It is a famous holiday resort and a paradise for various water sports. When I left the canyon, I encountered a kayaking training class with more than 20 people.




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