The stunning Bryce Canyon


Bryce Canyon is located in southern Utah, on the north bank of the Colorado River. It is a tourist attraction known for its weird shapes and brightly colored rocks. It is named after the Scottish pioneer Ebenezer Bryce who settled in this area in 1875.

There are fourteen valleys up to 300 meters deep in the canyon. The rocks are eroded by wind, frost, rain and snow and become red, light red, yellow, light yellow and other colors with different chromaticities, plus the change of brilliance, making the color of the rocks overflowing with gold , Entertaining.

The forests and grasslands in Bryce Canyon provide habitat for all kinds of animals, from birds and small mammals to wolves and occasional red cats, cougars and black bears. The mule deer is the most common large mammal in the park.

The pronghorn antelope has recently reproduced near the park. More than 160 species of birds visit the park each year, including Swifts and Swallows.

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