Brazil trip: sunshine, football, beach, rainforest, waterfall


Brazil, a remote South American country, is most famous for football. Brazil is the country with the largest area in South America. The wild tropical rain forest is within its borders. There are many places worth exploring here.

Rio de Janeiro is located on the west coast of Guanabara Bay. It was once the capital of Brazil, but to the Chinese people, this city is no stranger to it. This coastal city has more than 70 beaches, and you can see golden fine sand and blue water every time you walk; Guanabara Bay is sparkling and white sails are dotted.

The most iconic building in this city is the huge Christ statue, which is the symbol of Rio and one of the seven wonders of the world.

Copacabana Beach is a crescent-shaped, a beautiful white sandy beach with azure blue water, clean and soft sand, and mild temperature throughout the year. It is a world-famous seaside resort.

Here not only has the long and winding coastline, the classic tropical beach scenery, the comfortable scenery of seabirds flying freely above the sea under the blue sky and white clouds, the soft and clean sandy beaches, but also the unscrupulously admiring the handsome and beautiful girls coming and going. .

The Ladder Church is also known as Rio Cathedral. It is different from the old and gorgeous churches in Europe. Its main body is made of reinforced concrete, with a conical top and a fashionable shape.

The church can accommodate a total of more than 20,000 people. The colorful glass windows extend from the ground to the roof, and sunlight is cast from the glass windows, bringing a sacred and gorgeous atmosphere to the church.

Maracanã Stadium, also known as Mario Ferrau Stadium, was built to host the 1950 World Cup. Nowadays, it has hosted many games and is a must for fans.

When you come to Iguazu, you must go to the Iguazu Falls. This is the inner thought of all those who travel to Brazil. Iguazu Falls is one of the three largest waterfalls in the world, and it is also the widest waterfall in the world. The endless water cascading down, accompanied by the thunderous sound of water, is very spectacular.

There is a 70% chance of visiting Iguazu Falls that it will be sunny, and if it is sunny, you must see a rainbow, and it may be several times.

From Manaus, you can take a rowing boat to the tropical rainforest. Here, all kinds of wild animals haunt them, and you can enjoy the tropical rainforest scenery.







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