In the ancient Spanish city, cross continents to perceive the history of the demise of the Inca Empire


Trujillo in the Extremadura region of Spain is a beautiful medieval city. It was once an important city in the Lusitanian, a large province of the Roman Empire that spanned Spain and Portugal. It was also a well-loved city when the Moors in North Africa occupied Spain.

There are countless historical sites here, full of great buildings from the Roman, Muslim, and Renaissance periods. Ascend to see, the Santa María la Mayor church with twin towers has become the jewel on the skyline.

Trujillo’s difference is closely related to Columbus’ discovery of the American New World.Near the main square of Trujillo, you can see the palaces where you live, all luxurious and spacious.

The expedition to the Americas is not simple. Why Spain can go to the other side of the world is because they have mastered extremely high navigation technology. The museum has miniature models of warships at that time. Such warships can carry heavy gallon guns. , The huge sails allow them to ride the wind and waves in the ocean.

Here, you must visit Alcazaba, Trujillo Castle, built in the 9th-12th centuries, at the highest point of the city, built on the IQ of Muslim ruins, the castle has an underground water storage system. In the middle of the castle, there is a large open space as a training ground.

The castle has 17 square towers for defense against foreign enemies. Some towers allow visitors to climb to the top, and the towers are also the best place to have a bird’s eye view of the entire city.

In the middle of the city, there is a small pond full of koi carps. No one knows where such small animals with oriental charm come from.

The Parador Hotel is a nationally authorized hotel chain. Their essence lies in the fact that all hotels are in the historical buildings of the historic city, staying in their hotel, living in the past years. These ancient buildings, perhaps churches, hospitals, and palaces, each have their own stories.

In the long corridor, you can see comfortable lounge chairs everywhere. Guests can lean on them, read books and drink coffee. The treasures in the cabinets next to them are hundreds of years old and are genuine antiques.

A large number of gold products can be seen in the hotel. The name of the restaurant also adopts the name of the lost city of gold in Inca mythology.

The food is also full of Extremadura characteristics

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