This city supports half the sky in Germany


Germany is one of the developed countries in the European Union and has a strong economic foundation. Although there are many differences, it is the same as the developed countries in the European Union. Its population growth is slow and even negative.

Frankfurt. It is one of the major cities in Germany. It is located in the western state of Hessen in Germany and is a large city on the banks of the Rhein River system of Meigu.

It is the big brother of the German economy and the financial center of Germany. Its economy supports half of the sky in Germany and affects the development of Germany as a whole.

Frankfurt is the lifeblood of Germany’s economy. It is home to 80% of the stock exchanges in Germany. The headquarters of large commercial banks are located here.

Frankfurt is also the head of the European Union’s economy, where the European Central Bank was established. It is the gathering place of wealth in Europe.


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