Slow, then slow丨Bordeaux, the old French city


Bordeaux is located in southwestern France and is a port city. Built around 300 BC, it was ruled by the Romans in 60 BC. Since the 18th century, Bordeaux has been famous for its wine production, and even known as the “Wine Center of the World”.

Wandering alone in Europe, I no longer do my travel homework except for the starting point and the city I made appointments with friends. It is very possible to miss many events, perhaps lack of innovation, but to see a city in your own way is much more profound than blindly following the footsteps of others.

The speed slowed down, and the pace followed. Instead of rushing to visit the famous places, you will go to the bazaar in the old city. The bazaar is under the overpass in the old city where the summer vegetables, fruits and flowers compete with each other. Like a local, I eat seasonal fruits, sell vegetables and cook, and live as usual.

The old city is full of fountains and water sources, not just for cosmetic purposes. It turns out that French people are not eager to hide indoors and enjoy air conditioning in the midsummer. The locals wore shorts and slippers. Everyone wore less than me. All my family members went to the streets to enjoy the heat. When they were tired, they found a source of water on the street, soaked their feet in the cold water, and laughed in the water together.

In the afternoon, most of the time I rode my bicycle around the old town. I didn’t plan to cycle around the city, I saw which alley I liked, and I just drilled into it at will. When you meet a unique cafe, find a comfortable corner, have a cup of coffee, eat a crepe, and read slowly.

Until St. Emilion, I learned to tolerate summer. No longer hiding in the shadows because of the sun, just like the locals, find a source of water when it gets hot, and chat with them in the water. I want to see how decadent Ai Meili is in the evening, how melancholy she is in the rain, how she wakes up in the morning, and how she falls asleep at night.




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