A must-see Michelin restaurant in France


Romantic and sentimental Paris, not only the world-famous attractions, but also the world’s most and best Michelin restaurants.


Epicur is a Michelin three-star restaurant. Located in the palace-style five-star hotel Le Bristol, the overall decoration is elegant and magnificent, with sunshine and grass outside the window.

The restaurant has hosted many state banquets in the Elysee Palace. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy is also a frequent visitor here, and celebrities from all walks of life often come and go.

The Epicure restaurant is called a palace-level temptation. Éric Frécho’s French cuisine prepared by famous French chef Éric Fréchon is the one who best interprets delicious food. Creative delicacies, exquisite and luxurious presentation, and meticulous service make Epicure leave a deep and unforgettable experience in the hearts of all guests.


L’Ambroisie is located at Place des Vosges in Marai, Marais. The interior is decorated in a typical Rococo and Style Transition style from the 18th century.

There is also a multi-faceted Aubusson tapestry hanging on the wall, which is fine, grand, low-key and extremely luxurious.

The name of the restaurant is completely different from the low-key signature, but for the guests who have tasted the delicacy of L’Ambroisie, the food of the gods lives up to its name.

Mathieu Pacaud and Bernard Pacaud, after they won three Michelin stars in 1988, have been three stars for 27 consecutive years. This is an amazing achievement, and it means that you can taste the best traditional French cuisine here.

Since its inception, L’Ambroisie has always adhered to a unique store, without a branch.

L’Ambroisie does not have any tasting menu, only an a la carte menu.

When you come here, the most not to be missed is Bernard Pacaud’s chicken dishes, which is L’Ambroisie’s signature dish.

Le Cinq

Le Cinq is located in the Four Seasons Hotel George V. The restaurant is surrounded by flowers. The interior decoration is based on elegant off-white and gold.

There is a rich and exquisite menu created by the talented chef Christian Le Squer who calls himself a “delicious composer”. Similarly, the women’s menu is one row less than the men’s. Japanese-style tuna jelly with caviar, bacon that melts in your mouth, golden onion and mushroom truffle soup that resembles a sacred delicacy, juicy lobster, exquisite and delicious desserts…..

“It’s worth mentioning that Le Cinq’s wine list comes from a long-established wine cellar. Wine lovers should not miss it~”

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