The westernmost city on the European continent, feel the glory of great voyages and travel in Portugal


When you come to Portugal, you have never seen Lisbon before. The beauty of Lisbon is fascinating. Characteristic buildings, colorful trams, blue coasts, classic old towns and castles, all the scenery here makes people satisfy all the fantasy of romance.

The clean and neat walls are dotted with some characteristic reliefs, which makes people surprised. The color matching seems to be the most charming place of these buildings. Each building looks unique but does not lack personality.

Coming to Lisbon, finding a commanding height and admiring this charming place from the perspective of God is the most correct way to open it. From a high altitude, the neatly arranged buildings are like small lattices scattered here, and the red roof is like a cute Little Red Riding Hood. Although it is a relatively old building, it makes people feel full of vitality, With the blue sea next to this red, hot and romantic enveloped the city, if the whole sky is fainted by the sunset, it will look more fantastic and beautiful, making people unable to move their eyes and deeply attracted .

Lisbon is a city suitable for strolling. Walking in the city center full of people, you will find that many scenes have a feeling of deja vu. This feeling is right, because this is the attraction of many movies, and the scenery on many movies and postcards is Coming from this city, it seems that there is a special attraction for the lens. It shows its most beautiful scene in front of the lens. Not only that, but also in people’s eyes. Here it is like an old man doing nothing. Halfway, carefully studying every place here.

Ride on a retro tram, and experience the most authentic Portuguese life. Maybe you will become the sight of others.

Looking for the beach of Alia Blanca, feeling the warm sunbathing, the breath from the Atlantic coast makes people suddenly excited, and the love for the sea is the same all over the world. Or go to St. Juli’s Beach, put on a cool surf style, feel the passionate sea sports, and friends who like surfing will find paradise here.

The most fascinating thing is the stylish restaurants and bars on the beach. In the hustle and bustle of the waves, you can laugh and laugh with your friends. The waves will be like an artist playing for you and give you a carnival cheer.


Lisbon is the nation’s transportation hub and the largest port in Portugal. The port area extends for 14 kilometers, and 60% of the country’s import and export goods are loaded and unloaded here. The traffic in Lisbon is dominated by cars and subways. The subway was put into use in 1959, with 20 stations and an annual passenger volume of 132 million passengers. In addition, there are cable cars and lift trucks that run on the hills of the city.


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